Shikito works prohibit the following items. If any of the following items are found, we will charge you 500,000 yen regardless of intention or negligence.

・Reproduction of images without permission
・Unauthorized processing of images
・Unauthorized use of images
・Statements that misrepresent the original author
・Exhibiting and selling to NFT Art
・Use or output to work production service using AI learning

In addition, the following items are not prohibited.

・Post images with Shikito account name or Shikito name on SNS
・Posting photos of works taken at exhibitions, etc., and photos of purchased goods on SNS(※If possible, please include Shikito’s name or Shikito’s SNS account name.)
・Retweeting Shikito’s Twitter posts (including quotes), creating quote stories on Instagram

If you have any other questions, please contact us.
In addition, Shikito himself does not exhibit at NFT art or use the AI learning service at this stage.